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Justice Evelyn Lundberg Stratton Award
Established in 2004 in recognition of Justice Evelyn Lundberg Stratton's  leadership and inspiration in developing a solid foundation for an effective and efficient court security system in Ohio courts and for her selfless  commitment of time and energy to achieve this purpose.

2018    Thomas Mulgrew, Cleveland Municipal Court
2017    J. Kristopher Steele, Supreme Court of Ohio
2016    William (Bill) Saus, Medina Municipal Court
2015     Horst Wudi, Fulton County Common Pleas Court
2014     J. Kristopher Steele, Supreme Court of Ohio
2013     Margaret Allen
2012     Tom Chidester
2011     Jim Burkhardt
2010     Sgt. Toby J. Smith Ohio State Highway Patrol
2009     William Powell, Jr., Licking County Court
2008     Roger T. Landis, Executive Director, Ohio Bailiffs & Court
              Officers Association
2007     Samuel Cicchino, Ohio Supreme Court
2006     Howard E. Shearer
2005     Ohio State Highway Patrol
2004     Sheriff Neil P. Hassinger, Medina County

Honorary Life Member

2018    Horst Wudi, Fulton County Common Pleas Court

Honorary Member

2019    Sheriff Dallas Baldwin, Franklin County
             U.S. Marshal Peter J. Elliott
             U.S. Marshal Peter E. Tobin

Lawrence "Larry" Lute Memorial Award
In 2008, Lawrence (Larry) Lute, bailiff in the Scioto County Common Pleas Court & Region G Director, was awarded an Outstanding Service Award. Larry had been battling cancer for some time but continued to work under adverse conditions just so fellow employees would not have to pick up his workload. He worked in pain but still worked, only missing a few days while in the hospital for treatments. He encouraged the entire board to the point that the Outstanding Service Award was renamed in his honor.

2011    Betty Barringer, Ohio Supreme Court Security Services
2009    Tom Brown, Ohio Supreme Court 

Court Officer of the Year

2017    Jonathan D. Farnsworth
2016    Darren Litz, Juvenile Division, Scioto County Common
             Pleas Court
2011    Jack R Ward, Franklin County Probate Court
2010    Roseanne Johnson, Elyria Municipal Court
2008    William Powell, Jr., Licking County Courts
2007    Gregory A. Sims, Cleveland Municipal Court
2006    Melinda Klenk, Hamilton County Juvenile Court
2005    Debbie Nelson, Perry County Court of Common Pleas
2004    Jenny Andrews, Brown County Municipal Court
2003    LeRoy Felver, Celina Municipal Court
2002    Michael B. McElroy, Holmes County Common Pleas
2001    Carl Meding, Medina Municipal Court
2000    Casey Linebrink, Defiance Municipal Court

Special Recognitions

2019    DUSM Joe Bridges
             Deputy Al Cook (ret.)
             Major Kelly Keys
             Senior Inspector Joel Kimmet
             David Lashley
             Senior Inspector Anthony Manson
             Major David Oyer
             Judge Mark Serrott
             Stacey Wickham, BSN, RN, CCRN
             Assistant Chief Sean Wolcoff
2008    Lawrence Lute (Outstanding Service)
2005    Joy Preuss Ohio Judicial College
2005    Sergeant Toby Smith, OSHP (Outstanding Instructor)

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