Serving the Judicial Branch

2019 Spring Conference 

May 30 - Street Survival Seminar

8 am - 5 pm
Shawnee State University
940 2nd St
Portsmouth, OH  45662

May 31 - Gun Range 

8 am - 12 pm
Location to be Determined
Portsmouth, OH 

Registration Details Coming Soon

Calibre Press originated in 1980 and was designed to train officers how to survive a gunfight.  As Law Enforcement has evolved, so too has the Street Survival (R) Seminar.

Science is the backbone of this special one-day event focusing on what impacts the profession, the mission and the officers: Stressors.  We examine two types of stress that impacts on duty human performance as well as off-duty behavior and attitudes: Sudden Onset Acute Stress & Cumulative/Chronic Stress.  We examine the research that reveals The Fatal Four leading causes of officer deaths and fatalities both on and off duty:

1.     Felonious Assaults

2.     Vehicle/Traffic Related Incidents

3.     Physical Conditioning (Heart Attacks)

4.     Emotional Health (Suicide)


    • Legally Justified Force.but was it Avoidable?
    • De-Escalation for Safe and Successful Resolutions
    • Stopping Assaults Before They Begin
    • Approach Tactics: People, Vehicles, Buildings
    • The Science of Human Performance & Applications for Training
    • The Role of Civilian Peace Officers as Guardians of the Democracy
    • Reading People: Detecting Danger Cues & Preattack
    • Physical & Emotional Health Statistics, Realities & Solutions
    • Off-Duty: Are you living the life you and your family deserve?
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