Serving the Judicial Branch

Twice a year, the Ohio Bailiffs & Court Officers Association offers intense training sessions designed for probation officers, armed and unarmed bailiffs, court security officers, administrative bailiffs and others serving the public in the judicial branch of government.

The Spring Conference typically offers hands-on training at a firing range along with other non-shooter education. The 2019 conference was conducted in Portsmouth with training on Thursday provided by Calibre Press. Friday's training focused on a close quarters handgun tactics and a tour of the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility.  The 2020 conference will be held in May in Cleveland.

The Fall Conference is held in downtown Columbus and historically has provided well-known industry speakers and training. The 2018 conference featured sessions on judicial protection and threat assessment, tactical medicine, tactical communication skills and tactical handcuffing proficiency drills. The 2020 conference featured training by the United States Marshals Service along with hands-on basic pocket stick operator training and firearms handling in crowded courthouses.

Click on a conference link to learn more. We hope to see you at one of our conferences.

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